Get ready to go behind the scenes of WebexOne ’21, winner of the Best B2B Event of the Year Ex Award by Event Marketer, to find out how the Webex team transformed a traditionally in-person event into a fully virtual experience using Webex Events (formerly Socio).

This case study reveals what happens when event innovation and creativity come together to produce exceptional results. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Requirements for virtual event success
    Find out what went into the pre, during, and post- planning process for WebexOne. Plus, learn how WebexOne produced a standout event experience using multi-session management, support for global time zones and languages, and video-on-demand experiences in Webex Events.
  • Attendee engagement for a global audience
    Learn how the Webex team leveraged networking and gamification features in Webex Events to achieve 31 million sponsor views, 40,000 actively engaged attendees, and 58,000 completed game challenges.
  • The way ahead for WebexOne
    Dive into best practices learned from the success of WebexOne and the key elements you need to have in mind when planning successful events in the future.
  • The future of events: how to connect virtual and in-person experiences
    Discover what to expect and how to succeed as we step into a new phase of the industry, one that blends best practices from both in-person and virtual event experiences.